Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 5 & 6

 Section V NYS Class B Champions!
The first time ever for Aquinas, and the 4th year in a row for Mike(Varsity Coach) and me.

It didn't quite go as planned.  It wasn't our best game to be sure.  We dropped the 3rd(playing best 3 of 5) and had to play a 4th, but in the end, we get the trophy so yeah for us:)
All of our kids worked hard this season so they deserve every accolade they get.  And I try not to single kids out since this is such a team sport.  Even if you took our top 8 kids, what would they be without the other 8 that challenge them daily at practice?  

 But...there are always exceptions.  These three are what I have called my favorite trifecta.  And this really has little to do with this year or this win.  It has more to do with 5 years ago when I had them with me as 8th graders.  It was one of my most enjoyable years due in large part to them and their friendships with each other, their work ethic(even as 8th graders!), their leadership, and their general good humor(a character trait highly underrated!).   There's a coach in each of them, should they ever pursue that.

The thing is, when they were in 8th grade, when I put on our coaching glasses(the ones that allows you to see the development of a player in the future), I knew, or hoped, it would be like this.

So today and yesterday I am thankful for our Sectional Title, for the great trifecta, and the coming together of two schools, to make one beautiful season.

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